Expansion of sludge treatment in Szczecin/Poland

In May 2018, the WTE Group received an assignment from its Polish subsidiary to expand the sludge treatment at the Szczecin-Pomorzany sewage treatment plant.

Together with its consortium partner PUH Rusiecki, WTE will construct an additional sludge digester with a total volume of 5,000 m³. In addition, the mechanical equipment will be supplemented in a separate building and integrated into the existing measurement and control technology. The planning and construction period for the overall project with an investment volume of approx. EUR 3.6 m will be 36 months. The client is the municipal water and wastewater association ZWiK Stettin.

WTE built the wastewater treatment plant a few years earlier as part of an international consortium and handed it over turnkey ready in 2010.
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