Opening of the wastewater treatment plant Prague

As a partner in an international consortium WTE is commissioning the new wastewater treatment plant as scheduled.

On September 19, 2018, the newly built wastewater treatment plant of the Czech capital Prague was officially opened. The plant’s capacity of 1.2 million PE enables the city to fulfil the strict EU regulations. WTE, together with the French company Suez, was responsible for the mechanical and electrical equipment as well as the process engineering. Now WTE takes over the 12-month operation of the entire plant.

The DBO contract (Design, Build, Operate) with an investment volume of approx. EUR 250 million was implemented with the consortium partners SMP and Hochtief. The plant is 600 metres long and 130 metres wide and in normal operation mode it will handle around 4.1 m³/s wastewater, with a maximum of even up to 7.1 m³/s.

The new plant was designed to minimise space requirement. Both chemical and energy consumption were optimised. To save natural resources, the plant will use processed water for maintenance and cleansing. To protect it against flooding, the new plant is surrounded by retaining walls and has a permanent drainage system.
As the plant will operate on the Cisarsky island within the city of Prague, it was important to integrate it into the landscape. Therefore, the treatment plant was built almost entirely underground. Above ground, there will be a park whose visitors will be protected by efficient measures against odor and noise.
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