WWTP Tivat-Kotor completed

Just in time for the peakhigh season WTE handed over a turnkey wastewater treatment plant for the cities of Tivat and Kotor in Montenegro.


In early July 2016, the official opening ceremony of the wastewater treatment plant Tivat-Kotor took place.
At the end of August 2016 the official acceptance was issued by the Authorities and the Contractor - represented by the Mayors of both Montenegrin cities Tivat and Kotor, which now clean their sewage in a common treatment plant.

The plant with a total investment of EUR 10 million was built in the south-eastern part of the peninsula Lustica on the territory of the municipality Tivat. It has a capacity of 72,500 population equivalents. Even strong load peaks during long summer tourism have been taken adequately into account by this.

Since 2010 the Republic of Montenegro has been official admission candidate for the European Union and has been taking significant efforts to adapt its environmental standards to the appropriate specifications for many years. Projects that implement the proper disposal of waste and wastewater concretely into practice, are conducive in a specific way to the improvment of life quality in the whole country. In addition, particularly the improved quality of the sea water.has a noticeably positive influence on the development of tourism.

The successful implementation of sewage treatment plant project was carried out within the framework of a financing agreement between the Montenegrin Government and the German Development Bank KfW.

WTE has been successfully doing business in Montenegro since 2008 with various environmental projects.

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