WTE hands over the WWTP Pruszkow to the City of Warsaw

The reconstriction of the wastewater treatment plant Pruszkow is successfully finished
At the end of 2015 WTE Group finished successfully the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant Pruszkow and handed it over to the municipal water authority Warsaw. 

On December 2013 WTE Wassertechnik and its Polish subsidiary in cooperation with the construction company Porr were awarded the contract for planning, modernization and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant Pruszkow in Warsaw. The aim was to expand and upgrade during ongoing operation the existing equipment of the mechanical and biological treatment as well as the sludge and biogas treatment. The contract from MPWiK Warszawa with an investment volume of approx. 15 m EUR was co-financed by the EU. After expansion the plant is designed for a capacity of 256,000 PE.

In addition to the expansion of the fully biological wastewater treatment with nitrogen and phosphorus elimination, the expansion of the sludge treatment with biogas storage, treatment and utilization in combined heat and power plants (CHP) was planned. To this end, additional aeration tanks, secondary settling tanks and the blower building were newly built. New mechanical and electrical equipment was installed or was partly up-dated, respectively.

By now WTE has been active in the Polish market for 20 years. A range of wastewater environmental projects were implemented among these major projects in Czajka-Warsaw and Kielce that led to significant improvement of the quality of water.

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