Energy – electricity and heating from regenerative sources

Energy – electricity and heating from regenerative sources

We view the subject of energy entirely in terms of the quest for regenerative sources. Our technologies allow us to exploit renewable energy carriers.
We use a process for sewage sludge treatment that emanates from the biological purification of waste water. First, the sewage sludge is dried. The subsequent incineration generates heat that can be used for energy-autonomous plant operation, for sewage sludge drying, for the production of hot water for steam to drive turbines, or for district heating.


Partnership with HUBER SE 2012 established: S2E - sludge2energy

We realise our sewage sludge incineration projects either as general contractor or through our joint venture with HUBER SE. For this purpose, we have founded a joint company S2E - sludge2energy. The sludge2energy process enables operators of wastewater treatment plants to achieve sustainable waste management by independent thermal utilisation of their sewage sludge and other residues, independent of the cost development for mono- or co-incineration in external plants. Since incineration is decentralised and takes place on site, transport costs are eliminated.


WTE solution sludge2energy for on-site sewage sludge incineration

Our sludge2energy process is used for the energy self-sufficient utilisation of sewage sludge in sewage treatment plants: dried sewage sludge is thermally utilised (burned), the heat generated is used for sludge drying, thus creating a closed heat cycle.

The amount of sewage sludge to be disposed of is minimised to approx. 10 % by energy-autonomous drying and incineration. The remaining ash is preferably deposited separately in order to allow for a later recovery of phosphorus.

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