Water as a building block of life

Water as a building block of life

Our portfolio comprises solutions applying to the individual conditions in each of the regions in which we are active – however distinctive and demanding they may be.
We construct completely new waste water purification plants, remodel existing facilities that don’t conform to guidelines, or extend plants in accordance with valid regulations. Under WTE’s operational management, our customers receive the assurance that the facilities will comply with applicable guidelines over a period of at least 25 years.


Waste Water Disposal

Comprehensive, responsible, and environment oriented waste water disposal includes both efficient treatment plants and the collection of municipal and industrial waste water in a sewer system of optimised capacity. Separate pre-treatment facilities may be necessary for industrial dischargers.

Centralised and decentralised treatment plants as well as the sewer system, are guarantors of secure sewage purification. The development and the optimisation of those plants, beside the interaction of plant and sewers, lie within the focus of our engagement. Experiences gained from operations of our own plants and sewers are directly entered into the concepts of new projects. By applying convincing process technology and mature plant conceptions, we have succeeded in uniting utmost clearing performance, robust plant technology, and a minimum of floor space requirement. Following the target of saving investment capital, optimisation of performance and reduction of emissions, existing plants are extended and rehabilitated. Plants for waste water treatment are planned individually by means of exclusive client and guideline orientation.


Our know-how

We dispose of comprehensive know-how in the field of economical realisation and operation of sewer networks. Depending on local conditions and after exhaustive economic feasibility studies, we look for the optimum with respect to parameters like useful lifetime, security of operations, maintainability, investment costs, and operational costs. Consequently, we apply – beside conventional drainage systems – special drainage technology like pressure- or vacuum drainage, too.

Following the target of saving investment capital, optimisation of hydraulic performance and reduction of emissions, existing plants are extended and rehabilitated. Based on decentralised administration of data, we establish sewer control concepts and set up maintenance plans for efficient and economical operational management. In order to achieve timely and competitive realisation of construction, we frequently apply prefabricated material. Wherever possible, we create additional storage volume by sewer reservoirs in order to avoid costly concrete structures.


Municipal and industrial waste water

Combining municipal and industrial waste water treatment, we have opened new perspectives on meeting complex challenges in the field of waste water disposal. Extensive treatment of waste water at its point of origin has been successfully practised by us in numerous projects (coking plant, ice-cream manufacturing, brewery, textile industry). Industrial waste water inflow into the municipal sewer may impact process-stability and security of operations in municipal treatment plants. We therefore provide – beside consistent surveillance of indirect dischargers – an extensive programme of mechanical, biological and chemical / physical pre-treatment processes. Hence, we are in the position to offer individual solutions for a combination of municipal and industrial waste water treatment to local facility operators, thus securing highest levels of efficiency and safety of operations.
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