Water as a building block of life

Water as a building block of life

Our portfolio comprises solutions applying to the individual conditions in each of the regions in which we are active – however distinctive and demanding they may be.
Due to ground water contamination, discharging of industrial waste water into rivers, or lasting water scarcity, many communities experience serious problems in providing the required volume of clean water. With our plants, we support these communities in assuring a sufficient supply of high-quality drinking water for their inhabitants.


Water supply

Potable water constitutes top priority food. Nevertheless, 100 million European households are not connected to public water supply. We are therefore strengthening our efforts to reach the common target: „to halve the number of people without sustainable access to clean potable water by 2025.”

We design, construct and operate complete highly secure systems of potable water supply by applying latest technology. The spectrum of our engagement comprises water catchment, water treatment and water supply via networks to the consumers. We extend and rehabilitate existing systems of potable water supply. Moreover, we see a great potential for preserving valuable resources by mending leakages in the piping networks. Following this way, we avoid wasting precious drinking water.

In several areas we operate installations for the potable water supply to the population. The potable water is caught from springs, wells, and surface waters like rivers or seas. In order to cover the demand on potable water, we tap new resources according to quantity and suitability. The choice of these water resources is crucial for long-term secure operations of the entire system.


Drinking water purification

Before feeding into the supply network, a whole number of chemical / physical processes is to be applied to the raw water: de-ironing, de-manganisation, softening, disinfection, destabilisation, precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration (on the basis of gravel, active carbon), and ultra-filtration. Sea water desalination is achieved by reverse osmosis (membrane filtration), distillation or evaporation.

Our networks for the distribution of treated drinking water are dimensioned and maintained by means of the latest IT programmes. Beside long-term maintenance schedules, continuous lab analyses and sophisticated emergency concepts are of utmost importance for trustful co-operation with the employers and authorities as well as for the fulfilment of strict legal requirements. The experience we gained from operating water supply systems in Moscow, Budva, Windeck and Buckow (among others) is directly fed back into the planning processes of new supply projects.
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