Project elements

Project elements

Being a full-range supplier, WTE offers a professional package of services which complies with the requirements of modern water and waste management.


Planning and construction

The individual module construction refers to turnkey erection of a plant as general contractor, according to detailed planning of an international engineering office. These international projects, most of which are subsidised by the EU, are accomplished in compliance with the acknowledged regulations of FIDIC. The module planning involves engineering. Under reconcilement with the client and the authorities, we are additionally responsible for layout-, approval-, and detail planning. The opportunity to implement engineering know-how of our professional departments leads to optimised creative solutions in favour of our clients and in favour of the environment.


Involving operations is an option for service trials ranging one to five years, and for contractual periods ranging from 10 to 25 years. The employer transfers to us the risk of legal secure operations including maintenance and servicing, regular repairs and re-investment. In exchange, we charge an operation fee which is codified for the entire contractual period, enabling the employer to calculate on the basis of reliable costs.


Europe possesses an exceptionally broad potential for constructing energy-efficient plants, avoiding water wastage and generating renewable energies. With financial support from the EU and the banks, considerable progress can be achieved regarding the water cycle, environmental protection and sustainability.