Environment protection

Environment protection

Being environmental service providers, we satisfy basic daily demands of our fellow citizens and contribute to quality of life through our reliable high-quality performance.

Optimised management of disposable water resources, efficient utilisation of energy, and the growing use of renewable energies in existing plants are our contribution to the responsibility we take on in favour of the environment. Ongoing innovation and the implementation of most advanced technologies help us to create modern and environment-compliant infrastructure.

Water is a renewable resource that can be re-entered into the ecosystem after having been used. We respect it to be our duty to contribute to the accomplishment of the EU Water Outline Directive: to re-establish a good ecological status of water bodies by 2025.

In this spirit of high responsibility for our daily engagement in the supply and treatment of water, we acknowledge superior principles regarding operations and management of our Group. Compliance with basic ethic principles and with all legal requirements is a self-evident issue to us.

We see ourselves as a Service Group who provides active environment protection by collecting, transmitting, and treatment of waste water, as well as by supplying potable water. On extending, restructuring, building and operating of our plants, we implement environmentally sound processes, materials and supplies. Sludge and waste materials are returned into environmentally acceptable cycles. Additionally, we aim at functional supply and discharge by means of consulting and inspections. We apply organisational provisions in order to avoid disturbances of operation and to keep negative impact at lowest levels possible; we take care of secure operations of our potable water supply plants, our waste water treatment plants, incineration- and power plants.

For 20 years now, our Group has been a synonym for active, sustainable and integral environment protection involving outstanding quality standards. Our high degree of cost-effectiveness provides appropriate water charges. A good number of environmental projects have only come into being due to creative contractual layouts and due to the integration of long-term financing.

Active environment protection means: production of potable water, treatment of municipal waste water, conditioning of industrial waste water, and the treatment of sludge and waste in environmentally compliant ways, applying highly efficient devices and full utilisation of energy sources. Thus: waste water becomes process water, surface water is turned into potable water, sludge becomes fertiliser, power, and heat; waste is recycled to construction material and energy.

This way we enforce natural cycles and restore nature. In the competition against growing consumption and wasting of resources we find ourselves in a daily struggle for the environment. Hence, we care for either health: people in good health and a sound environment.