Future-assured concepts

Future-assured concepts

for ecological energy recovery
The search for new forms of energy is considered to be one of mankind’s most significant future topics. As one of Europe’s leading environmental services providers, we have, by merging the elements of water and energy, developed innovative methods of utilising regenerative forms of energy.

We offer the operators of environmental plants three forward-looking concepts for the generation of renewable energies. Our objective is to enable ecological sustainability coupled with economically acceptable investment costs.


Water to Energy: Generating renewable energies from water

This concept exploits the large amounts of energy produced when purifying waste water. By installing combined heat and power stations, turbines and low-energy aggregates, we ensure that the energy sources along the entire process are usable. We then provide this resource-saving energy to diverse environmental plants for their virtually energy self-sufficient operation, or for the generation of electricity.


Waste to Energy: Generating energy from waste incineration

The amount of waste being produced globally is rising in line with the advancing industrialisation of countries on all continents. Our activities reduce the volume of atmospherically combustible waste through environmentally compatible incineration, subsequently converting the heat generated in this way to electricity and district heating.


Sludge to Energy: Thermal recycling of sewage sludge

Together with our globally active partner, Huber SE, we have created a unique method of extracting energy from sewage sludge. The heat generated during thermal recycling is used to dry the sludge, leading to a reduction in volume of around 90 %. This results in economic advantages for the plant operators, such as assured disposal, less space requirement as well as the reduction of sewage sludge transportation to a minimum.