Integrated management system

guarantees sound decisions.

The international environment project business requires far-reaching decisions. WTE uses an integrated management system across the Group to assure plannable and controllable projects that result in sound, targeted decisions. Quality and environmental management are included as well as elements of risk management. The DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015 norms stand for conformance to all rules, regulations and legislation.

On the basis of these norms, WTE already started introducing its process-oriented quality management system in the year 1996. This applies to all processes ranging from acquisition to offer formulation, planning, construction and operation. WTE’s process conformance with the norms is verified through regular checks and certifications by external auditors.

Clearly defined processes for information, communication and documentation

All relevant environmental aspects were determined and legal obligations identifi for the development of the management system. WTE examines the environmental programme and the achievement of environmental objectives in annual reviews. All subsidiaries and operative locations are integrated in the management system. This has led to an international standard that has been continuously further developed in Austria, Poland, Russia, Croatia and other countries.

The paperless WTE/EVN environmental system is available online to the staff. International Group-internal collaboration between WTE  teams has been considerably simplifi through the common processes and interfaces. The transparency of the system and its continuous improvement provide targeted process fl through clear informa- tion, communication and documentation procedures.