Work safety

Work safety

Our commitment to protecting our employees
WTE fulfils its contractual obligations in national and international projects, whereby various partners are also involved from different areas, especially relating to mechanical engineering and construction.

We recognise that it is not only necessary to ensure the motivation and capability of our employees, but also to observe the statutory and regulatory requirements in the respective projects.

WTE is fully aware of its responsibilities towards employees and shareholders. Preventive health protection therefore forms the basis of our work safety management. Hazard identification, risk assessment and monitoring as well as comprehensive training and instruction are the basis for the efficiency of our employees. Continuous improvement is also being achieved in working conditions as well as keeping the statutory and regulatory requirements in the respective projects up-to-date and ensuring that our employees are aware of them.

The implementation of health and safety management (ISO 45001), the continuously improved quality management (ISO 9001, already introduced in 1996) and the environmental management (DIN ISO 14001) ensures that our employees receive clear rules and guidelines for the performance of their respective tasks. This provides the framework for encouraging self-initiative and promoting individual professional and social skills.

The WTE Group’s health and safety policy

As a responsible company we take and support measures to protect our employees' efficiency: We are committed to complying with all relevant statutory requirements.
  • We ensure the efficiency of our employees with the help of recurring studies that are systematically documented by us.
  • Regular training and instruction regarding collaboration with external partners helps us to secure and extend the professional competencies of our employees.
  • Through regular inspections, we secure and sustain the working environment.
  • Working equipment and machines must be selected and reviewed according to the applicable working safety regulations.

The introduction of ISO 45001 has enabled WTE to improve its legal security and consequently reduce the level of risk on account of organisational liability. Non-compliance with statutory and official regulations can be identified at an early stage, so that immediate counter-measures can be taken in order to protect our employees.