Our environmental management

Our environmental management

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015.

Active environmental protection

Our actions always aim to serve mankind and the environment and to assure our contribution to health, sustainability and the future. Extending beyond our normal business activities, this attitude forms the basis for our commitment to social responsibility and community service projects.

Latest environmental technology

Our energy production plants are constructed in line with the latest environmental technology. The modernisation of existing plants, or their renewal at existing locations, is of particular importance to us. At the same time, we strive to conserve resources by maximising efficiencies. We also promote the development of innovative environmental protection equipment.

Environmental policy of the WTE Group

By meeting waste water disposal requirements on behalf of cities and municipalities, WTE performs an important duty on behalf of the public welfare as well as for the protection of health and the environment. Furthermore, WTE supplies citizens with clean and pure drinking water.

We view ourselves as a customer-oriented service provider who actively protects citizens’ health and the environment through the collection, transport and treatment of waste water as well as the provision of drinking water. In doing so, we follow statutory requirements as well as official and political directives.
We have a responsibility towards society. The sensible use of energy, the exploitation of regenerative energy sources and the careful treatment of nature are fundamental criteria for our actions. We strive for the highest possible energy efficiency coupled with innovative ways of protecting the environment.

The fulfilment of these objectives demands professional competence, high quality awareness and personal responsibility of our employees just as it requires clear rules and regulations for work organisation and processes. To this end, the DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental standards serve both as the foundation and as a guideline.

Quality and environment-related aspects have been recorded and evaluated in a first thorough review of our activities.

The corporate policy specified by top management defines the basis for our actions. Its objectives and tasks form a commitment for all our employees.

Environmental policy measures

As a company in the environmental domain, we implement and support measures which protect natural resources:

  • We are committed to complying with all statutory requirements, based on the technical directives and authorisations granted to us.
  • Treating, avoiding and storing waste water with the appropriate facilities enables us to make a vital contribution to the preservation and improvement of water quality.
  • We use environmentally sound procedures, materials and tools when extending, refurbishing, constructing or maintaining our plants.
  • As far as economically justifiable, sludge and wastes are fed into ecologically sensitive utilisation cycles.
  • Through consultation and monitoring, we encourage indirect dischargers to maintain ecologically sensitive and adequate levels of supply and disposal.
  • Our plants – which are constantly adjusting to changing demands – and our stringent maintenance assure a high level of quality and efficiency at appropriate cost.
  • We follow organisational rules to avoid system malfunctions or, if that is not possible, to minimise damage.

WTE’s environmental policy has a positive influence on legal security by reducing its organisational liability. Non-compliance with statutory regulations can be identified at an early stage, so that immediate counter-measures can be taken to promote the protection of nature.


Our 360-degree philosophy: An allround view guarantees sustainability. Our plant concepts are aligned to sustainability. We take a 360-degree view in order to ensure all relevant aspects of a project are taken into consideration.

The 360-degree philosophy is reflected in the water cycle: People utilise groundwater or the surface water of rivers and lakes, thus producing the waste water that reaches the sewage plants. The water is then treated and used in agriculture for irrigation. Seeping through the ground, it finally returns to the groundwater, or it evaporates and is returned to the rivers and lakes in the form of rain.

Our all-encompassing view takes account of all factors that influence the fulfilment of our objectives: Protecting quality and providing people with sufficient clean drinking water. The water framework guideline proclaimed by the EU parliament in the year 2000 shows just how important this philosophy is in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and health. The paper defines the objective of assuring access to clean water for people and nature in the long term. This was followed in November 2012 by a comprehensive water strategy published by the EU parliament’s environment committee.

The WTE Group stands for a prudent and responsible implementation of this European strategy. Every project we complete motivates us anew in the quest for optimal solutions. We view every facility planned and constructed in terms of our all-encompassing philosophy as furthering the fulfilment of our mission.