Engineering services

Engineering services

Assuring compliance and infrastructure

Our engineering services specialists assure the fulfilment of statutory technical requirements for a plant. They develop network information systems, operational management and statistical modules; they prepare network asset and status documentation, and take on the management of fees and subscriptions. Their expertise and vision assures the preservation of the infrastructure.

To enable our customers optimal performance and predictability, our IT specialists pursue the GBM® data center, especially for the wastewater industry.
Core of the data center are self-developed software applications, which are designed as SaaS products (Software as a Service).
Thus, we provide our customers sophisticated software in conjunction with specialized services.
Software and services at a glance:

Fees and contributions
Network data center
Maintenance and repair
Service automation

Data transfer/Client • Data hosting  • Maintenance • Support  • Configuration • Trainings
  • Contribution calculation
  • Area calculation
  • Self-disclosure
  • Assessment value
  • Data administration
  • Civil Service
  • Public Relations
  • Flushing and inspection planning
  • Condition rating
  • Self-monitoring
  • Reconstruction planning
  • Reconstruction dokumentation
  • Operating manual
  • Organization W&I
  • Maintenance planning
  • Warehousing
  • Input results
  • Programming
  • Process technology
  • Operational safety
  • Energy management

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