WTE Wassertechnik GmbH

WTE Wassertechnik GmbH

Innovations for ecological water supply and waste water disposal. WTE Wassertechnik GmbH rises to the demanding challenges posed by the diverse requirements of environment, society, plant operators, legislators and international organisations.
We implement the commissioned projects with a keen sense of responsibility and an eye to the future.

Our service portfolio includes the planning and construction of plants for the supply of drinking water and disposal of waste water as well as thermal waste treatment for the production of heat and energy. Our domestic and foreign activities are focused on optimising people’s quality of life and protecting natural resources.


Internationally recognised partner for environmental projects

We construct plants in regions with widely varying conditions. This can mean extreme climatic or geographical conditions, or complicated political relations, or even especially strong effluent pollution through chemicals. Our specialist knowledge and capabilities are always in demand, enabling us to conceive and implement innovative and future-assured solutions in even the most adverse conditions.


Valued partner for new EU members and candidates

Our company’s main target markets are the countries of mid-, eastern and south-eastern Europe. EU members and EU candidates regard us as valued partners in achieving their objectives relating to compliance with EU directives for water supply and waste water disposal. However, we have also been able to build up a strong reputation beyond the boundaries of Europe.


Satisfying the highest demands of compliance, ecology and an assured future

The know-how, in-depth experience and social competence of our staff are of enormous value to our company, our customers and our partners. Our customers are assured of receiving completed facilities that not only comply with current legislation and safety standards, but also serve the interests of environmental protection while at the same time enabling profitable operation.
WTE Company Brochure 2016
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